We are delighted to have secured funding from Swansea Bay City Deal’s Skills and Talent programme to shape the skills needed for the workforce to achieve net zero. Announcing: Net Zero Wales (NØW) Skills.

The project aims to create a knowledge exchange network to support the region’s businesses, schools, FE and HE institutes in readiness for the future across the key emerging energy and manufacturing sectors. This is aligned with the Welsh Government and Local Authority’s prime investments towards achieving net zero goals and building economic resilience.

Net Zero Wales Skills

In collaboration and cooperation with industry and academia, our NØW Skills will deliver a flexible model that utilises advances in online guided learning, in-person teaching and practical sessions. Participants can access short, CPD or credit-bearing microcredential courses and use these to build qualifications or to gain the skills needed for their role.

The project will also undertake outreach work with schools and colleges across the region to assist in future-proofing the workforce with the net zero knowledge and skills required.

Project lead Dr Khalil Khan from Swansea University said, “The next major industrial challenge is decarbonisation and the focus on skills in this area is critical to the success of Wales” ambitions to reach net zero. It is readily acknowledged that the identification, development, and delivery of skills will be essential in achieving the decarbonisation aspiration so that the current workforce and businesses remain competitive and a pipeline of talent comes through from schools, Further Education and Higher Education institutions.

South-West Wales City Deal Skills and Talent programme lead, Jane Lewis, added: “This project will help contribute to address the green skill gaps in the private and public sectors in and around manufacturing-related industries. The courses will build knowledge, skills and identify education/career pathways to support Wales in meeting the national net zero goals”

The programme has been developed with industry partners to target the skills needed in manufacturing settings. After the 1-year pilot, it is hoped it will be expanded nationally and internationally, increasing job opportunities and the talent pipeline across the region, in Wales and beyond.

For more info, email: [email protected]