• Decarbonisation of industry and society

    Coming together to accelerate our transition to net zero

  • Creation of a net zero Wales

    A global example as a sustainable, attractive place to live, work and do business



Decarbonisation of industry and society

SWITCH is a collaborative network of multidisciplinary expertise across academia, industry and government. We are coming together to accelerate our transition to Net Zero, in South Wales and beyond.

SWITCH aims to:

  • Support the necessary industrial transformation, focusing on the difficult to decarbonise sectors of energy and heating, transport and manufacturing
  • Generate economic value and well-being for our partners and society


  • Making it easy to connect with the right people, skills and facilities
  • Supporting our partners through research, training and industrial-scale demonstrators
  • Creating practical solutions for the biggest challenges we face
  • Developing the workforce and skills for a net zero future

SWITCH is coming together to make Welsh expertise more accessible and bring about a net zero Wales that is fair for all

SWITCH brings together academia, industry and government to build on regional strength in decarbonisation research to deliver innovation for lasting change that makes life better