SWITCH Projects Deliver Decarbonisation

South Wales has strength in decarbonisation research developed over decades of investment in multi-disciplinary research projects and facilities.

SWITCH is bringing together these established projects, making it easier to connect with the right people, skills and facilities to accelerate the decarbonisation of industry and society.

SWITCH projects

Over the past decade, project teams across south Wales have successfully delivered practical solutions for industry, advanced new technologies and developed skills for our future workforce in a net zero society.

Research projects coming together as SWITCH include:


SWITCH facilities

These projects and the people within them have developed and been supported by a range of accessible facilities in the region, including:


Only by working together can we tackle the net zero challenge

In our increasingly complex and connected world, getting to net zero will need simultaneous transformation of vital and interconnected sectors – such as energy, housing and the built environment, transport, agriculture. Change in any one of these sectors will change the others.

By better connecting this existing regional innovation ecosystem, SWITCH is supporting the necessary industrial transformation and societal decarbonisation.

The expertise within our projects includes:

  • Carbon management
  • Energy materials and energy storage
  • Energy systems, energy infrastructure and power generation
  • Green hydrogen
  • Net zero buildings and transport
  • Net zero materials and manufacturing


If you’re on the journey to net zero or industrial decarbonisation, please contact us to find out how you can access our research expertise.