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Free  |  Level 4 (10 credits)  |  Swansea University  |  Online  |  12 Weeks

This self-paced course, with academic support, will develop an understanding of the purpose of environmental permitting, certification, common environmental legalisations, and establishing an effective environmental management system. Ultimately, this greater understanding will allow staff to fulfil their role with greater proficiency and expertise and contribute positively towards environmental practices.

Who Should Attend

The environmental issue course is aimed at individuals, including engineers, designers, managers, team leaders, and health and safety professionals working in industries/businesses with responsibilities towards environmental impact.

Course Aims

The “Environmental Impact and Sustainability” course aims to equip participants with a comprehensive understanding of environmental permitting, certification, and legal requirements, alongside the establishment of effective environmental management systems. The course is designed to enhance the proficiency and expertise of professionals in various industries by improving their knowledge of environmental legislation, policies, pollution control, climate change, and sustainable practices. By fostering critical reflection on their roles as environmental actors, the course seeks to empower participants to contribute positively towards environmental sustainability in their respective fields.

Learning Outcomes

After completing this course, delegates will demonstrate improved knowledge and increased understanding of various interacting and complex environmental concerns. In general, participants will:

  • • Understand common environmental legislation
  • • Appreciate key environmental policies from an economic, political and social viewpoint
  • • Understand the requirements for an environmental permitting regime
  • • Reflet critically about their roles and identities as citizens, consumers and environmental actors
  • • Appreciate key concepts and methods of implementing an environmental management system

Course Programme

  • • Environment
  • • Pollution and sources
  • • Pollution control
  • • Health effects
  • • Climate Change
  • • Greenhouse effect
  • • Ozone
  • • Legislation i.e. REACH, IED, COMAH, RHOS etc.
  • • Carbon emissions trading
  • • Air quality, waste management and use of freshwater resource
  • • Corporate social responsibility (CSR)
  • • Environmental Management System (EMS – ISO14001)
  • • Circular Economy
  • • Energy and fossil fuels reliance
  • • Carbon capture usage and storage
  • • Hydrogen economy
  • • Biomimicry
  • • Trends

Course Delivery

The course is conveniently delivered through Swansea University’s Learning Management System, Canvas, providing a seamless online learning experience. The course spans 12 weeks, requiring participants to dedicate approximately 3 hours per week to complete it. This structure allows for a manageable yet comprehensive exploration of environmental impact and sustainability.

Throughout the course, participants will engage in three progressive assessment quizzes, complemented by a comprehensive final written assessment that culminates their learning journey. All assessments are conveniently submitted through the secure and user-friendly platform, Canvas.

To ensure a supportive and enriching learning environment, expert guidance and assistance are readily available from our project lecturers and dedicated learning technologists. These experienced professionals can be easily reached through Canvas or via email.


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